I’ve documented and written so little  about past travels I wanted to start this site in hopes to have my favorite memories of places I’ve traveled to.

Hopefully starting from my most recent and catch up to where I’ve been-all in time for my next big adventure.

My first official stamp on my passport was flying to my parents home country – the Philippines from Guam, I don’t really remember all the details but I randomly came across photos of my sister and I sitting in a thatched hut, picking mangoes, riding bikes, and standing among a crowd of relatives that we didn’t recognize.

My first official feeling of wanderlust was right after I spent a summer in Europe.  My friends and I decided to spend it together taking the train around and eating everything in our way.  It was one of the best summers of my life and after that I set a goal for myself.

My goal is to try to see the world, even if it was a little at a time, at least once a year.


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