Jordan​ Highlights

Jordan Trip: October 21-28 2017

We started our first full day in Jordan at 8:00 am!  We hired a driver to help us make our way through the country.  It was the best idea.  I set it up and told him where I wanted to go and he refined our trip so we can make the best route possible.

Here are the Highlights of our trip:

Amman Citadel:


Early Bird gets beautiful photos without a crowd.

This is a historical site in the center of Amman.  We had purchased a Jordan Pass so it was included and did not have to pay extra to enter.  We explored the ruins in roughly 90 minutes.  We walked around and the Temple of Hercules was the main site to see. Yep, they still allow you to climb it.  But most likely to save it from further damage they may have to restrict the area from climbing.   The Citadel site also houses a small museum with ceramics and statues they have excavated on site.  The Citadel has a great view of Amman on a clear day!

So you are asking yourself Is it worth seeing?  If you have a full day in Amman, Yes.  But if you are limited in time it can be missed.


The Impressive Ruins of Jerash!  The historic city is a blend of Greco-Roman, and you will see a lot of impressive columns.  And like the Amman Citadel –  you can get up and close to all of it!  One guy/vendor was even trying to show me how he can push the column a few cm!  What!!! If they want these ruins to still be here in the next hundreds of years they need to regulate some of these shenanigans.  Yeah… Even me climbing on the stump of a column. 

Is it worth seeing? Yes…but how long can you last looking at columns?  I have a background in Architecture and I called it quits in a few hours.  The scale of these columns is pretty impressive though.


Wandering off the Path and found this Agora in Jerash

The Dead Sea:

I highly suggest a day at The Dead Sea.  Yep, a full day!  We booked a room at the Hilton Dead Sea and Spa and never left the premises until the next day!  The hotel and its grounds were amazing.  Plus we spent most of our time floating in the sea or applying the mud on ourselves.  It is a good time to relax.  The water has this weird viscosity from all the salt.  a great tip: Do Not Shave before going into the sea.  also Do Not get the water in your eyes.  I’ll post some photos on another post about the sea and show you why!

Is it worth seeing? YES – Relax You are on Vacation.  And if you really don’t have time. Do a day trip and spend a few hours at the sea.


The lowest point on Earth, but feeling like you are on top of the world.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan:

Also known as Al-Maghtas.  This is the location where Jesus was said to be baptized by John the Baptist.  It is a site where Christians come for a pilgrimage.  And just an arms reach away was Israel!  Right where those lane dividers are… they signify the border of Israel and Jordan.  Pretty unreal…

Is it worth going to?  If you are Religious YES!  If you’re so-so and lacking time.  Better just head to Petra.  For us we hade time.  And we thought to ourselves  “When in Jordan, do as Jesus does…” okay.  It was more of a why not, let’s just get in.  We even got another woman to join us- She was reluctant but we were like oh come on when will you even be in Jordan again. The water was cold and the robes were thin and yes see-thru. Be prepared.


Bathing as Jesus did in the River Jordan

Mt. Nebo:

Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land here at Mt. Nebo.  It has a panoramic view of the Holy land!  Besides the view of the promised land, there is also a church on site.  This Church has one of the best mosaics that is preserved.

Worth Seeing?  If you have time.  We were here for about an hour, we mostly got caught up in the church with the Mosaics.


Behind me where Moses was granted a view of the Promise Land



Have you seen Indiana Jones?  That should be a good reason to visit.

We visited Petra three times during our trip.  Our feet hurt so bad even wearing comfortable sneakers.  But every moment was worth it!

Petra opens at 6am and we were waiting at the gates at 5:30 eagerly waiting to explore.  We walked to the Siq and through it while it was still dark and after what seems like forever you finally realize the rocks you were walking on turn into sand and then you know you are close!  A post is surely needed to talk about Petra.  How to see it, how to beat the crowds and Petra at night.

Is it worth Seeing?  YES.  If you have to see one thing in Jordan it MUST BE PETRA!


Wandering through the Siq to find the Treasury

Wadi Rum:

Our Jordan exploration would not be completed without visiting the Red Planet or I mean where they film all Mars scenes in Hollywood.  Wadi Rum!  We spent the afternoon in a 4×4 trailing through the desert.  To be honest, some of the sites were so-so but the experience of overnighting under the stars is not to be missed!

Is it worth seeing? Yes.  If you have time.


One of the lone Trees in Wadi Rum

Wadi Mujib:

Ever been hiking in a canyon full of water?  Yep, this is the place to be.  The trip was about 3 hours.  We scrambled to get here right before it closes at 3pm… or it was the last group they let in because of the daylight.

It is definitely hard on the body.  There are a few spots where you have to climb up a waterfall. I work out at least 5 days a week and I still thought I was out of shape.  I need more upper body exercise for sure!  But these guys helped yank me up those waterfalls.   Note to my husband: Do not wear your apple watch the next time we are there again.  yes, it is waterproof but it is not smashed proof!

Is it worth seeing?  If you are adventurous.  Yes! one of the most exciting things we did in Jordan.


With helpful friends through Wadi Mujib

We tried to take our time but Jordan is full of history and there is so much more to see!  Hope to visit and spend more time and revisit some of these world wonders.

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