Jordan, Holy Land, Greece, Turkey: October/November 2017

A brief overview of my attempt to capture our recent travels to four different countries.

First Stop the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, aka Jordan.  The most recognized site of Jordan is Petra.   Thanks to Indiana Jones.  We were in Jordan for six fully packed days!

After Jordan, we crossed via Allenby/King Hussein Bridge to the Holy Land.  Some may call it Isreal some call it Palestine.  I’ll just refer to it as the Holy Land since the majority of our stay was within the walls of Jerusalem.  We spent five days in the Holy Land, we stayed so long the priests at the Church of Sepulchre began to recognize us.

We left the Holy Land to the Land known for their Gods!  Greece.  We flew out of Tel-Aviv to Athens.  We got in late and spent two whole days in Athens, wandering the ancient sites.

The highly anticipated Island of Thira or as everyone knows it as Santorini was up next on our schedule.  This was a great slow pace break.  A lot of eating, lounging and eating some more!  We spent roughly fours days in beautiful Thira.

Before we headed back home we spent three days in amazing Istanbul.  The rest of Turkey watch out! cause we are coming back for you… and a rug of course.

Photo quality is somewhat inconsistent, all my photos were taken with my really old iPhone 6. At times the quality was amazing because of ample light but at times not so much!

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