Temple Run in Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia Trip: November 2015

After our wedding in Bali, we decided to visit Cambodia on our “honeymoon”, but we also invited a few of our friends.  The more the merrier right?

With the vast amounts of temples and sites to see crammed into a short visit I am surprise no one tried to kill me with a packed itinerary.  Not to mentioned the heat and humidity will get your body to produce sweat faster than you know it!

We had only a few days and so many sites to see.  This proved to be a little more difficult since our friends were with us.  I am the go-go-GOoooo type, while some of them were let’s just chill and see some sites.  I am the let’s see ALL the sites and sleep when we are dead type.  They will thank me later for dragging and guilting them into following my plan to run all the temples… this is what started #TempleTantrum

Here is a round up of what we have experienced…

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