A Bachelorette in Phuket

Phuket Trip: October 2015

AKA: #RainesHotMessExpress

Where do you have your bachlorette party if you are having a destination wedding in Bali?  Phuket of course! My maid of honor coined the term “RainesHotMessExpress”  because let’s face – it is a bachlorette party…in Phuket.  Abundant drinks, beaches and fun all around – we did not disappoint with that phrase. All the Slamdunk* photos and videos made it in the video, everything else will just remain in our photo circle app.

This is the first video I made playing around with iMovie so its a bit rusty…


Slamdunk* –  Photos that do not have to be pre-approved by people invovled before posting on social media. Due to how amazing everyone looks it is a slamdunk.

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