Temple Tantrum

Burma/Myanmar Trip  November 2015

side note: It has been a while since i’ve updated this website.  One reason my new job has got me working round the clock and another reason was my home pc was barely hanging on a thread.  Thankfully we replaced it and now I have the capability to make amateur videos and now I’m obsessed with creating movies.

Temple Tantrum, That may need a brief explanation.

We visited more temples we can count – lets be honest they all start to look the same after awhile.  I coined the phrase Temple Tantrum when I heard a grumble about yet another temple I wanted to visit.  I have a background in architecture so buildings easily captivate my attention.  It is more difficult for my husband who’s main interest was laying on the beach and consuming exotic cuisine.  But I have to give him major props for sticking it out with me.  We climbed steep temples barefoot, squeezed ourselves into narrow tunnels to get to the perfect view point and even dangled on the edge to watch the sunset.  It was definitely a trip to remember. I am so happy we got to experience Burma now.   We have experience traveling throughout the country with flying prop planes, using hand written tickets,  being checked off the passenger manifests.  Im pretty sure it will be very different in the next 5- 10 years. The only thing I won’t miss is the spotty internet connection.

Here is the video of our trip.



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