June Bugs.

June was filled with activities, not to mention more studying for my exams.

June 7 – National Donut day!  After lusting over donuts being posted all over social media I come home to this wonderful pile of donuts.


I ate two then had enough… then tried to eat the entire dozen within the week. failed.

June 9th – My Cousin Grace would have been 34.


Always will be remembered. I always wondered what life in California would be like with Grace around.

June 12 – Dim Sum with the Dodger Fans

My cousin and her husband drove up from LA and I snuck away for a long long lunch to meet them in china town.


My ‘ Cousin’ (really my Grandma’s Sister’s daughter… 2nd aunt?) Relocated to LA.  I showed them the China Town Ways…

I taken one of the last exams on June 13.  That was torture.  After that test i officially called it summer.

June 14 – The first Activity of my Summer  was the San Mateo County Fair!


On one hand a Monster Corn dog on the other a monstrous amount of curly fries.


Tom & I waiting for the race.

The best part of the Fair was the food & the Alaska Pig Races!!!


June 16 – The Warriors win the NBA Finals! Not that I’m a huge fan of basketball but i am a huge fan of the Bay Area winning!  Not to mention the guys on the team are pretty likable.


I had to screen grab this video of the MVPs. They were way too happy making out with their new trophy.

June 19th – 21 Karen Visits from India!  Well, makes a stop over at SF from her 3 week visit to LA.


Behind us are the dorms we spent our first year of freshmen life. Dubbed “virgin vault”. Mainly it was an ALL Girls dorm. Which meant – Clean!


What is a USF tour without trekking up the Lone Mountain Steps? Now that I’m an adult and actually exercise. it isn’t as bad as it use to be.


We made pit stops to Baker Beach & Land’s End before dinner. You see the naked man int he back? oh no? good.

June 19th – Sharon’s Bridal Dinner aka USF night at the Essex, also Karen & I manage to roam around SF and barely make it to Dinner that night.


Just the standard Vogue timed photo.


the half of the farm table.

June 20th – More food and well food.


To start off our Saturday we went to the Table in Willow Glen. Bottomless mimosas and great brunch food. Soft Shell Benedict – Yes Please!


We then met our fellow USFer at the Lost & Found Beer Garden In Oakland


Directly after we had Sundaes at Fentons! WHY NOT?

We also managed to squeeze in a visit to our friend and her new baby girl!


Baby Luna (her middle name) was born the day of the Warriors Parade in Oakland.

June 21st- Father’s Day – Like Mother’s Day we like to spend it eating at my parent’s house.



My mom has this obsession with “Kamayan” Style. It is when all the food is spread out on banana leaves on the table. No utensil, just hands. It is a really a good way to save from washing dishes lol.

June 26 – Met twins!  Well Tom’s friends for bbq and beer.


The Pulled Pork Nachos! I think this would be a great meal… why not.


I thought I was hungry so I ordered a half rack of ribs. I was wrong. I ate one rib and my mac and cheese. The ribs are still in the fridge.

June 27 – Outlets!  Well really I wanted to go to Kate Spade and get a dress… the outcome not so good, but it is always fun with Tom.


Upscale prison attire (I really loved it). Tom enjoyed making fun of my reaction to the dresses i tired on.



Lunch was yummy. I will miss you Inn & Out.

That evening we celebrated Beer Snobiety’s 1st anniversary at the Whole Food’s Bar.  Again we ate too much and drank too much beer.




June 28 – Dinner with the Chin’s – Erin & Sophie visiting from Australia 


We had dinner at the go-to Chinese place Andy’s.


Of course we had Mitchell’s Ice cream right after.

June 30 – Bye Bye Aussies! – Brunch at Brenda’s!

Who knew you can have brunch during a work week? Even during the work week, Brenda’s Soul Food was busy.


I had the Po’ Boy Sammie (with Fried Oysters)


we sampled some beignets, shrimp pot pie, BFC & gumbo


Quiet Aussies = Stuffed Aussies.

To wrap up June… It was all about eating, eating and more eating!  Now for July. which starts Crunch time! 3 months til the big day… do i regret all the eating? umm… nah it was all so delicious!

Oh hey! I also managed to get a new job closer to home!  July can only get better.  More time to run with my Puppy and more time to focus on wedding preparations! only 122 days to go!


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