Japanese Ham Sandwich…

Also known as Padahastasana.

I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for the past 6 weekends and  I can not get over this analogy.  At times I thought I heard it wrong, until I “googled” it.

In fact it is part of the script for their 26 poses.

I always asked myself…

Now thanks to Bikram Yoga Vancouver now I know.  I still don’t get why it is supposed to look like a Japanese ham sandwich, or why Japanese even make ham sandwiches.

My Thoughts during practice go from:

– Did I hear Japanese Ham Sandwich?

-What is that?

-Did I really just hear that?

-Why would Japanese make ham sandwiches, When there is plenty of wonderful Japanese food to make?

– So i’s suppose to smash myself to look like a sandwich?

– I still don’t get the imagery.

I think it may take my mind to stop wandering in the class until then, this is a great find from the internet.


Wait , this helps a lot.

In case you were wondering what the 26 poses are, this is a great image series of the poses.


Although on Sunday I felt like this.  But managed to remain in the room for the entire 90 mins.


Til next weekend Bikram!

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