Street Eats in Bangkok

Who doesn’t like to eat?

Thailand is by far the best place to eat street food.  I didn’t get sick the entire time i was stuffing my face.

For the most part we ate at food stalls on the street, at the market, or some crazy alley my dad found.  They were all so tasty!  So what about that alley my dad stumbled upon?  Well a brief background about my dad.  He is a born wanderer and ultra friendly.  He will talk to anyone!  Once i couldn’t find him at the airport because he was sharing a bottle of johnny walker blue with a business man who was told he couldn’t bring it on the flight with him!

Anyway My dad wakes up early in the morning for his walk, he decided to see where the workers were coming from – there was a little unpaved alley .   He discovered the were line of little restaurants out of local’s houses and vendors that sold to the locals during their break. This was one of the best places I’ve eaten throughout the trip, not to mention the cheapest!


My Dad brought us a snack, from his morning walk.

And Bam… here are the street eats! (my food photographing skills have dramatically progressed since then)



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Soup in a bag!, We found a vendor selling noodle soup a block away from the hotel, We begged him to put it in a bag so we can eat it out of the heat (even at night) . We ran to the hotel before the bags melted.


Shaved Papaya!


Empty Plates = Full Bellies


anything on a stick!


You select what meat you want, they bag it and add sauce.



a pot of hot stew.


Papaya Salad!


Fried Frog Legs!


This soup from a lady on the boat at the floating market


Floating Market soup! Yummy. After i see her dump the left overs in the water, rinse the plate with the lake water and then dose it with bowling water. Boiling water apparently disinfects everything.

1930235_23642662467_8837_n1930235_23645327467_1576_n 1930235_23645337467_2113_n  1930774_43326777467_376_n 1930774_43326837467_3315_n  1930235_23642637467_7017_n 1930235_23642642467_7483_n 1930235_23642647467_7815_n 1930235_23642652467_8180_n    1930235_23642702467_1362_n 1930235_23642707467_1708_n 1930235_23644142467_4942_n 1930235_23644157467_5752_n 1930235_23644162467_6063_n 1930235_23644167467_6348_n 1930235_23644172467_6621_n 1930235_23644177467_6924_n   1930235_23644192467_8040_n 1930235_23644187467_7733_n 1930235_23644222467_9311_n 1930235_23644227467_9654_n  1930235_23644237467_241_n 1930235_23644242467_531_n   1930235_23644262467_1753_n 1930235_23644267467_2066_n 1930235_23644272467_2391_n 1930235_23644277467_2705_n 1930235_23644282467_3016_n 1930235_23644287467_3329_n 1930235_23644292467_3670_n 1930235_23644297467_4059_n 1930235_23644302467_4386_n 1930235_23644307467_4690_n 1930235_23644312467_5032_n  1930235_23644322467_5670_n


The few desserts. It was mainly fresh fruits for sweets.

1930235_23644327467_5988_n 1930235_23644342467_7137_n 1930235_23644347467_7524_n 1930235_23644362467_8201_n 1930235_23644367467_8571_n 1930235_23644372467_8909_n 1930235_23644382467_9631_n


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