Bangkok Trip May 2008

My current research on Thailand led to me realize that I am way over due to post something about a previous trip to Bangkok.

This quick trip to Bangkok was fully packed with temples, shopping, massages (mainly my parents), and eating. The eating part is covered here.

Before there was AirBnB there was the Marriott.  Oh I love the Marriott.  Free breakfast, comfy beds and typically located anywhere in the world.  Not to mention my dad gets a great discount!  I believe the one we stayed at cost us about $45 a night, it was located centrally near market places and temples.


The Marriott had it’s own tuk tuk


This trip I didn’t research, really.  I knew I wanted to eat Thai Food and I knew I wanted to go to the floating market.  That was that.  The only pre-trip item I booked was the Marriott.  When we landed I casually just walked up to whatever counter and asked for a ride for my family and I to the Marriott, it so happened we haggled a deal for them to drive us around the entire time we were there.  It was perfect and  in expensive and they turned out to be a Husband (the driver) and Wife (the guide)team.

We did the temples tours to the Wat Traimit, Wat Pho (the Reclining Buddha), Grand Palace and many more miscellaneous temples.

After being amazed by several golden temples and mosaic tiles temples, the other temples slowly melded together.  We definitely were all Templed out!



This is Tuktuks’s first official tour out. I purchased him outside a temple, i think he was meant to be an offering.




Tuktuk would have loved to be offered at this colorful temple, I could not part with him.


This reclining Buddha was just chillin’. The official name : Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan this Statue is 50 Ft high and 140 Ft Long!


Me and the Guard at the Palace


My Dad with a Buddha


Just outside the temples they had street vendors, this nice lady let us help sell her peanuts.  But really my parents just bought it all.



This place was so colorful you couldn’t help but take a jumping photo!

We then went to meet some elephants!  It was my first experience with elephants.  It was actually exciting at the time!… but now looking back at it it was probably all for profit and not for the elephants.



This is the spot! My parents were off to getting their massage while My friend and i spent hours wandering the Jatuchak Market for souvenirs, clothes and shoes.


The Floating Market is a must see.  It is a market that is floating! Most of the good were sold on little boats around the lake.  The lady who took us on her boat was strong, she managed to row four adults around the lake for a good hour.

1930774_43326812467_1985_n1930774_43326737467_8706_n 1930774_43326902467_5944_n1930774_43326742467_8910_n   1930774_43326757467_9539_n

The Night Before we depart Bangkok we stumbled upon a mall near our hotel.  Typical Mall with everything including a McDonald’s. We stopped for a Family Photo.


The BKK Airport.


Can’t wait to be back Bangkok!

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