Incheon (ICN) Transit Tours

We finally booked our tickets to SE Asia a couple of days ago.  Oh Boy it was stressful trying to coordinate between 4 people with different flight schedules.  In the end it all worked out and the purchases were made.

One this I didn’t notice was that flight back has an 11 hour layover in Incheon.  Yes, 11 hours!  I was thinking…Damn all was good til I saw that.  But how bad could it be right? Incheon is actually one of the best Airports I’ve been in transit, all less than 3 hours, with exception for an over night which they comped a hotel and meals…  But since this is less than 12 hours of connection there isn’t any compensation happening (I think).

I started researching what can I do in S. Korea for 11 hours and well…what do you know. They have this great Transit Tour Program!  Tours come in 1, 2, 3 or 5 hour increments.  This is perfect!  Not to mention I hate wasting time sitting around.  An organize tour to and from the airport is just what would make this excruciating long layover not too bad.


From the Incheon’s Website

Last night I made reservations for 2 for the Seoul City Tour!  Apparently it is free, but somehow there is a $10 fee associated per what I read on Trip Advisor.  But even if it was a paid tour $10 is less than what i think it would cost for a 5 hour tour.  This fee includes entry to the Palace and an authentic Korean Meal.  $10?!  Yah definitely worth it.

The 5 hour Seoul City Tour goes from Incheon International Airport > Gyeongbok Palace>Insadong Street>Chengye Stea or Jogyesa Temple>back to the Airport.

Upon completing the reservations i think we took one of the few spots available.  There are only 15 spots and 7 people have already signed up!  Who knew there were people more eager than I was… And I thought it would be too early for reservations… NOPE! (Update: all slots were full for this tour when i checked their reservations this morning)

For more information on the tours available you can visit their website: Incheon Airport Transit Tours and I I’d urge you to make reservations in advance! You can make them here: Reservations

This makes it all worth the long layover, now i’m actually looking forward to it.

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