Villa Sungai – A Wonderful Bali Life.

Bali Stay November 23 – 27, 2013


You can find the listing here at : Villa Sungai on Air BnB

After my friends got married in Boracay, Philippines I made a side trip to Malaysia by myself then met up with a few of them including the newly weds in Bali!  I was first to arrive in the Villa, I arranged for a driver to pick me up directly from the airport.  He has a little sign with my last name on it.  It was about 45 min drive due to the traffic but this is what awaited me when i got to Villa Sungai.


A freshly cut coconut. I off course posed Tuktuk on it.

Villa Sungai is apart of the Harmony Villas in Ubud.  Funny thing while booking this, i didn’t even realize it did not have a/c. But out in the fresh air and rice paddies you didn’t need it.

Villa interior

It was an open air villa made of natural materials! Smoking was not permitted, because well… the villa would go up in flames! It didn’t matter no one in our group smoked.


Everywhere you will see Frangipanis

Did i mention there was no land line?  They did however have wifi, the coders in the group loved that.  They stayed up late at night to work on their side project coding in the dining area as i lounged around and played with the dog, or just sat around and listened and watch the rice field workers harvest.


This is me, doing my thing- Nothing.


Fruit was always part of our meal, it was so fresh and sweet.


To let the staff know you are ready for breakfast, we simply have to open one leaf of our Villa door. Breakfast was always delicious. It always had fresh fruit, eggs and a crepe. They also made fresh juice or smoothies upon request.



This is Trixie, She lives in Harmony Villa too.  She is a very friendly dog, not aggressive and doesn’t beg for food.  She just relaxes on the porch or when you call her in she will make her way in for some pets.  I missed my puppy Panda, so i hung out with Trixie alot at the Villa.



She does tricks too!


Thank you Villa Sungai! You were Wonderful!!


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