The Adventures of Tom Chin Continued…

Whats a stay at a hospital without any food pics?  I don’t know if this is weird but I am a big fan of airplane food.  There is something about a complete meal all served in a neat little tray, maybe that’s why I love bento boxes so much. So hospital food was just like airplane food, but you have options!

Everyday we are asked by “room service” if we wanted to place an order with them on their iPad or through the TV.  There were so many options it literally would take me half an hour to select.  One day I forgot to order because we had friends come over and they delivered us a standard meal for the day.  How nice, they don’t want their patients to starve.

Below is most of what we ordered!


My First meal at the Hospital was around Lunch Time. It was a Fancy BLT served on a Foccacia with Sweet Potato sides.



My first night at the hospital, i decided to get dinner a little too late the cafeteria was closed. All they had been the fancy rotating vending machine with salad and sandwiches. I was hastily selecting and selected the chicken salad… i hate chicken salad. so in the end i thought to myself i just bought a $6 egg sandwich. wth. I asked the nurses if they wanted the chicken sammie. I hate to waste food.



Breakfast in the Hospital Cafeteria ends around 10 am, so luck me I got the last of everything. Apparently they serve per slice, but since it was the transition of Breakfast to lunch they gave me the whole shebang.




Tom’s first Breakfast in Oakland. I went minimal on the Ordering.


Not too bad. It was an English Muffin, Sausage Patty, Ham and Cheese Omelette, a couple of slices of bacon.


More Meal Options… I started to get creative and added salads and dessert.


Sides of Roasted potato and lightly breaded chicken


Breakfast our favorite time of the day, Repeat order but doubled the meat.


For Lunch, Tom likes the Pizza option.


Happy for Pizza!



This moved up on the breakfast option, the Pretzel bun breakfast sammie.


The Pretzel Bun Sammie: Bacon, Eggs, Cheese. Side of sausage patties and breakfast potatoes.


We realized… Breakfast is served ALL DAY!!! Breakfast for Lunch. With a Fruit Medley and Cookies!


We didn’t place and Order one evening. So the hospital staff just sent us the standard meal of the day. It indeed was yummy.



Meat load, Mash potatoes, steamed corn and carrots all topped with yummy gravy. This meal was actually as good as it looks. Maybe better.



We started to collect all the juices from the orders.



Our friends brought us meals too! From a Famous Puerto Rican, Placed called SOL FOOD at San Rafael.



At home, Some Nurse friends from Guam stayed over and helped make meals for Tom while I was away. They are the best.


You can view updates of Tom’s Surgery on #AdventuresofTomChin on Twitter.

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