E-Visa for Burma!

Well… I know Burma is now called Myanmar.

But the past few days I’ve been researching the idea of visiting and to my great surprise getting a travel visa is now easier. I was dreading sending away my passport to Washington DC.  Last year we were planning a trip all around Asia so I was doing research on travel visa and entries for US Citizens.  The only US consulate was located in Washington DC.  Which means having to send your passport via mail to DC.  I wanted to make sure so I even called, left messages, and emailed the Myanmar consulate.  It was weird – it somehow felt like that their Consulate in DC was a start-up and barely running forward.  First they had one line.  In which rang and rang without having an answering machine.  I called multiple times and never got a person.  Then their email address – It ended with a .Yahoo.com… I thought hmm that was odd. I emailed anyway, and with great surprise I received a response!  They mentioned the only way to apply for a tourist visa was to mail my passport in.  Something I wasn’t looking forward to.

A whole year later. Wow, they sure got their site up and running, with and official email contact. I notice they had a section for E-Visas!  This is Exciting.  The countries listed on their site can apply online.  I of course was a little skeptical, so I emailed them at their new address and received a confirmation early this morning that yes in fact the E-Visas are the real deal.  Only if your country is listed of course!  The list includes about 101 Countries! so… let’s get to traveling to Burma.

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