A side trip to Macau.

Macau Trip: June 9, 2008

My parents, I love them dearly but they are so difficult to travel with.  My dad is a born wanderer… and my Mom wanders as well but more of a shopper.  I think i got both of these traits from them, constant wanderer and avid shopper. Here is a very very old trip from 2008.  This of course will be very Photo Heavy Post.

My parents and I traveled the Early Summer of 2008 and one of the stops we took was to Macau.  It was really a quick day trip from Hong Kong. (View my HK Post Here) We took the first Super Ferry (JetFoil) from HK to Macau the travel time was a little under an Hour!  it was quick.  We spent the day wandering, eating, and shopping.  I wasn’t entirely fond of Macau, it reminded me of Las Vegas, Heavy on the casinos.  We took a bus towards the city center, armed with a map and bus fare. We ventured to the Cultural part of Macau and ended the day visiting a few casinos.


Me and my newly found Tuk Tuk on the Ferry to Macau

The Ruin’s of Saint Paul was a major attraction.  This is a  16th-century Building of what was originally St Paul’s College.  These ruins are listed as part of the Historic Macau Center and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2005.


The Ruin’s of Saint Paul


Here are my Parents in front of the Ruins of Saint Paul

St. Dominic’s Church is also from the 16th century of Barque Style.   The church is the oldest in Macau, which is also part of the Historic Macau Center.  It is located at Largo de São Domingos,




Macau Park, I’m not sure what the Park’s official name is, but we found it after walking through the City’s center.  We didn’t stay that long because we didn’t find it to be anything out of the ordinary.  Besides we wanted to get back to more of Macau’s eats and shopping.



Wandering the rest of the City Center of Macau was interesting.  We found ourselves in the middle of a parade which participants were dressed in cultural attire. We spent the time wandering and eating.  I couldn’t help but notice they sold a lot of cured meat in paper like stacks.



5 5a










Casinos, Casinos, Casinos…  Macau is the Las Vegas of the East.  What can i say?  The buildings were wonderful, but the smoked filled Casino were not.





We headed back towards the Super Ferry and thought about hiring one of these pedi cabs.  We stuck to the Bus instead.19b

If you are interested in a Day Trip to Macau You can take the Ferry they call “Jet Foils” the coast was roughly $40 USD back then.  Don’t forget to bring your passport!20

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