A Nice Long Labor Day Weekend in Washington.

Washington Trip: August 29 – September 1, 2014

Our very good friends live in a city on the outskirts of Seattle, they just had a baby and we decided to visit them on one of the nice long weekends that would come up.  Crazy enough it happen to be the weekend right after my wild trip to Vegas!  This trip i would be the complete opposite of the previous weekend.  And unlike my typical itinerary driven trip schedule i made none.  I just wanted to hang out with our friends and whatever comes up comes up.


We took the very first flight out to Sea/Tac.  So early that when we were at the airport eating at a bar the server mentioned drinks cannot be served yet.


This is the best invention ever. Breakfast BLT.  Thank you Ruby Tuesdays in SJC.

Our Alaska Air Plane was so brand Spanking New!

Our Alaska Air Plane was so brand Spanking New!

We got to their beautiful Home in Issaquah and settled in.  Ate more breakfast and hung out with this little bundle of sleepy joy.2 2a

After a while we decided to visit Pike’s Market.  I’ve been to Seattle several times now and i always love going to Pikes.  Especially because of all their blooms!  They are so cheap and beautiful.  We also skipped the 1st Starbucks line but decided to get some delicious Piroshkys.


Beautiful Bouquet for $5.


Tried one of almost every kind. It was well worth the wait. They were roughly about $4-5 a piece. Somewhat pricey but well worth it.

After PIke’s we decided to Visit Bruce and Brandon’s Grave.  We them a dahlia from the Market.

6 7

We wrapped the evening with Delicious Ramen from Kukai.  Here they offer a Ramen Challenge roughly the size of 4 ramens if you can eat the entire bowl with in 30 mins (?) i think you get a t-shirt and the meal for free.


The Takoyaki balls were the best!



Fishing and Crabbing and a whole lot of snacking.


Trying on Full leg length boots…

We pretty much got skunked the entire time for Both Fishing and Crabbing.  It was a lot of fun though!  We went river fishing at the Puyallup River.  It was “Combat Fishing” since there were so many fishers out on the lake.  It was pretty neat seeing the commodore and competition for the fishers.  After we realized we weren’t going to catch fish we moved onto the pier where we did some crabbing.  The trick to crabbing is getting the stinkiest thing to put onto as bait.  Apparently Crabs didn’t like our day old organic-free range chicken.  The guy next to us caught a few with shrimp.  Again Skunked!  Caught nothing, but we had a great time just hanging out doing typical Washington Outdoorsy stuff.

Fishing Crabbing

For the love of Indian Food we managed to make it out after a quick refresh and power nap.  We made it to downtown Bellevue to grab some delicious Indian Bites.



The last full day was were there we took it pretty easy and did what we mainly were there for.  To hang out with the Diaz’s and their  new baby girl Mika.  In that time we managed to get them hooked on Criminal Minds!  When we did manage to get out we took in some sightseeing.  This day we visited Snoqulmie Falls Park and Invited a few friends from High school for a BBQ.




Our Last Partial Day in Washington was packed with last-minute sightseeing and a mandatory brunch at a popular restaurant called Portage Bay.

Portage Bay

Love the Food, Hated the Wait, not too keen on their Motto “Eat Like you give a damn” Either. We had reservations but had to wait for about 20 mins. Without Reservations about 60-90 minutes.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park View! My Favorite was not the view but the Apartment Buildings that were facing the view. The View was still very nice. Thank you Seattle for the beautiful Day!


We finally made it to the Space Needle. Thank you to the Diaz’s for treating us to the top of the needle. The View was great and the company was even greater!

After the Space Needle we hurried back to the Diaz’s Casa to pick up our luggage and say our last good byes.  This trip was so much fun and relaxing.  Most especially compared to the trip I took the week before to Las Vegas that was intense.   Til we meet again Washington and the Cutest Edition to the Diaz Family Mika.



We made it! But the Plane wasn’t brand spanking new. 😦


Good Bye Washington!

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