A Bachlorette Party in Las Vegas.

*Sorry about the images, realized that copy and pasting from my private FB wont work… Will return to this post to fix the images.

Las Vegas Trip: August 23- 25, 2014

My good friend is getting married and she is a huge fan of Vegas so what better way to spend her freedom with a bunch of ladies (eighteen to be exact) in Vegas.

Headed to LV.

The Vegas Nails. I opted for the non-standard but yet not too flashy design


The typical Bachlorette in Vegas revolves around Pools Parties, Club Access and Bottle Service.   Anywhere in Vegas i believe a girl can get in for free, get hooked up or etc… so Girls that travel in packs have the easiest time, with exception to transportation.  In this case we split up in 4/5 cabs if a Party Bus was not available.

Here are some appropriate photos I can share:

We stayed in a 4 bedroom Suite at ELara – A Hilton Company, The suite was at the very end of the hall and at the end of the night/day it always felt like an eternity to get to.  The Suites were pretty sweet.  They joined rooms it felt like it was never-ending, at times felt like i was in a maze. The one thing i didn’t like about these suites were this annoying hot pink film they put on one side of the glass, when the sun shined in it was blinding.

That pink area that attaches itself like a barnacle to the bland glass rectangular high-rise created the crazy pink glow in the suite.

This was the view in the Master Room.

Large hot tub fits three comfortably.


Day Light Beach Club @ Mandalay Bay

Pros: We got in for free, received some drink vouchers.

Cons: Crowded, Crowded, Crowded.  Come early claim a spot or throw down $$$ for a cabana. Oh they also confiscated our Gum, Mints, Water, and Beef Jerkey! WTH. Jerks.

This is our little group.

We made it back! and look what the girls built.

Dinner at Koi @PH

Pros: Yummy Japanese dinner with a nice setting, Friendly wait staff and quick service.  They even give you special suggestions if you are starving and want more for your $$$.  I felt stuffed and ready for the night.

Cons: dimly lit, smaller portions

Mandatory Group Photo in front of the Banner. Quick find me.

On our way to PH


Haze @ Aria

Pros: Free Bottle Service, Entry, and well free drinks! The music was mixed and they had dancers and a contortionist.

Cons: Since they offered Free Bottle Service, they kick you out when you drink it all up. Bottle Service was located on the second floor far from the dance floor also smoking in the club? Gross.

The Craziness Below


Encore Beach Club @ Encore

Look how Beautiful this place is.  Thanks Internet for the great photos

Pros: Great Layout, Friendly servers, Did not confiscate anything, Fun People, Good Music… All around good time.  Table service is well worth it.  Plus you can take a nap in the middle of the afternoon if you need a recharge.

Cons: Costly table service, but well worth it.

Who’s Who… Everyone starts looking the same when we are color coordinated.

Headed to Encore Beach Club

Day Beds.

Yellow in the pool.

After this long day at the pool we headed back to the Suite and we had “In-house Entertainment” that wasn’t really entertaining. it was more of us running around trying to avoid the “Entertainment”  Then we were off to end the night at XS.

The Mandatory Group Photo again, slowly the girls were leaving but still remained a big group.

XS Night Swim @ Wynn

Pros: Free entry, Free Drinks

Cons: Crowded, Crowded, Crowded, Long lines for drinks because it is crowded…

Making the best of the crowd

Good Bye XS. I think we perfectly the group lean in, squat, crouch, pose.

Good Night Vegas, One more sleep and we are outta here.

Buffet Time at Caesars Palace!  I was the most excited about this.

Pros: Did i mention Buffet?, Not too crowded, Nice and Neatly Organize, Tons of selections

Cons: $40-45? price tag.  Oh well… I tried to eat everything. Sadly i failed.

Off the Caesars!

Oh we are so patient…

Here is what I ate.

The Seafood Platter.

The I don’t care ill eat waffles with ramen platter

The I should have started with Dessert Platter!!!


And we are off to California.  Of course we take our last party bus just to fit everyone and their suitcases.

Our Bag Swag or Left over Bachlorette decor

Good Bye VEGAS You Were Wonderful!

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