Buffalo Tiger’s Air Boat Tour.

Buffalo Tiger’s Air boat Tour: May 22, 2014


I spent my day in Miami outside Miami’s typical crazy beach and party scene.  I drove 40 miles east and went on an Air boat ride through the Florida Everglades.  Before my trip to Florida I did some research on what tour to go to.  I decided on Buffalo Tiger’s.  One main reason is they are run by the Native Americans on their reserve and another is they received raved reviews on Trip Advisor. They were right.  When I arrived a group getting off the boat mentioned they saw more wildlife in the first five minutes than they did at the other places.

Glades welcome

Signage for Buffalo Tiger’s

The location was fairly easy to find just a straight shot through the highway and you are there.  When I arrived i signed up they were surprised I was alone, The cost for the tour was ~$25 at the time.  There was a younger couple also waiting for the air boat tour.  I went to use the restroom prior to the tour.  Well it was a port a potty.  that was a surprise some what but it wasn’t disgusting.   We waited for about five minutes and then we were off.  One tour guide / boat operator and the three of us on these awesome boats.  They were vibrant in color and very comfortable.  They also provided ear protection with the same design.  Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and very patient.  He also was willing to put some speed into it and just warned us to hold on.  It was all around a good time.   I saw some colorful birds and baby crocs as well as a few larger ones!  Surprisingly they aren’t aggressive.  The guide told us they are more afraid of us if anything, not to mention the loud boat.  He drove us around the Everglades saw more wildlife then he offered to go fast through some parts!  It was awesome.

Fan Boat

The nice Air Boats!


The Everglades, the water levels were low at the time.


The Curious Wild Life.


If you are in Miami I strongly suggest this tour, well worth spending the day outside the busy part of Miami and a good way to get a lot of Vitamin D.


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