A Summer Solstice Wedding.

MJ & Scott Wedding June 21, 2014

My cousin MJ is a traveler and a wanderer.  Everything she does in life has intent and meaning.  So the selection of Frank Lloyd Wrights  the Wayfarer’s chapel for her ceremony was a perfect fit for them. They are both travelers coming from opposite corners of the country – MJ coming from California and Scott coming from Alaska.  It was a perfect romantic tale of wanderers meeting at an airport. 

The ceremony was held at the Wayfarer’s chapel at noon and the Reception at 3pm at the Trump National Golf course in Palos Verdes.  The guest count was under 70 people, which I think is perfect because you get a chance to meet everyone.  our family is very large and i believe was at least half the guest count.


Here are a few photos from the fun-filled day!



This was our side of the family that attended the wedding.  Trying to get a group photo was very difficult.


U: My Family that attended the wedding, ML: My Siblings and niece, MR: #MintMemo received by my cousin, L: A semi-organized photo of the cousins.


The View from the Reception Space

There was couple hours between the ceremony and the reception.  So we b-lined it to the bar and watched the World Cup and had a few drinks and a quick bite to eat before heading into the reception to eat some more!

wed 4

The Drinks – A Bellini, Dirty Martini, A Mimosa The Eats – Calamari, Club Sandwich, Mediterranean Pizza


A Travel Theme Welcome. Travel Journals were given as souvenirs, and Post Cards were Guest cards


The food was yummy, the drinks were flowing, and the music kept playing.  All in all it was a perfect Summer Solstice Wedding.

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