The Beach, at Redondo

Weekend Trip to LA: June 20-22, 2014


The day of my Cousin’s Solstice wedding, we decided to put in a quick trip to the Beach.  The initial plan was to wake up at 6 am grab complimentary breakfast from the hotel and head down to the beach.  Well… it was hard to get up that early so we snoozed for an extra hour and carried on with our plans- slightly delayed.

We drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and headed towards the coast, it was a quick 10 min drive til we saw the beautiful stretch of beach with ample street parking.  It was nearly empty, was it because it was only 8 am or was it because it was only 70 degrees outside and it was too cold for the So-Calians?  Who knows but we were excited.  The beach was almost empty with a few people playing volley ball, jogging, and biking.  The most impressive part of the beach was the paved path for bike and foot traffic.  How accommodating of them!

We quickly headed towards the ocean and found a spot and laid out our towels.   I laid out for a little bit while Tom took a dip in the pacific.  He said the water was still cold!  But not as cold as it can get up in Northern Cali!


Sand, Water, and Birds


The almost empty beach, Volley Ball nets set up, Clean Sand, and Life Guard Patrolling the area.

That concludes our quick trip to the beach!  Til Next time Redondo Beach. . .


The View of The Beach from Street Level.

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