A day in Los Angeles

Weekend Trip to LA: June 20-22, 2014

This past weekend my family and I headed down to Los Angeles to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.  Tom & I decided to head down early and caught the first flight out of SJC to LAX!  Since Saturday was booked entirely for the wedding we had to fit all the LA wanderings in one full day!

First off I have to say… Flying first thing in the morning is one of the best ideas ever!  The lines were short and the airplane was empty!  One of my new favorite airports is SJC!  You got this one right… no more scouring for an outlet because… hey a smarty pants Architect designed them to be integrated in the arm rests!  One unfortunate thing about the flight was my horrible choice of a seat.  Although we got the prime picking due to early check-in I selected a window seat by the wings (less turbulence) but it was missing a window shade! WOW… the sun was beating down on my cheek for a good couple of minutes, but as we descended into LAX the sun got out of my face and left me with a nice sun-kissed right cheek.


UL: LA’s Infinite Freeways, UR: SJC Airport Seating, LL: My nonexistent Sun Shade with the morning sun beating through the window, LR: South West Planes waiting to be boarded.

When we landed to LAX we boarded a shuttle to take us to the rental car station.  It was a fairly quick ride that was very organized. Between shuttle stops we enjoyed almost a 360 degree view of the Theme Building.


The Theme Building, Which use to host a restaurant with a view. I’m not sure if it is still open.

First stop: Randy’s Donuts!

Oh you don’t even know how excited we were about eating the donuts.  We ordered one of each kind and pretty much ate them through out the trip.  Their old fashions however weren’t the ones we hoped for-the cakey moist kind.  But nonetheless they had some pretty good choices.  My favorite was the jelly and the maple bar.  The jelly was a bit sweet which i cut with a bit of pork grinds in between.  (idk I was just so hungry)


UL: Old Fashion Donuts, Icing and Chocolate. UR: Tuktuk and the Giant Donut, LL: A dozen Assorted Donuts, LR Part of their Donut Offerings ( I noticed there were other types not listed)

Second Stop: The PITS! – The La Brea Tar Pits.

Oh Man, it was stinky.  Think melted tar or a burning tire when a car peels out.  But watching the tar bubble up from the pits was exciting.  I clearly remember watching My Girl 2, and a scene was shot here.  there was also a museum behind the Pits but i was mainly interested in seeing the Tar Pits itself.

the pits

U: Tuktuk and The Tar Pit L: A Mammoth Family – One member being swallowed by the Tar Pit, while the baby mammoth cries helplessly. ( I totally think they could have used their giant ivory tusks to pull her out… but that’s just me)

Third Stop: Urban Lights at the LACMA

There was a lot to see around LACMA, but one installation I really thought I needed to see was Urban Lights.  We didn’t get to re-visit during the night-time but I think the day time images are just as great.  most especially since there wasn’t a big crowd or random stranger in your photo.


UL: Tuktuk at the Urban Lights, UR: Tom and I at the Lights L: A view of the Forrest of Light Posts.

Fourth Stop: Food Trucks!  Well it wasn’t really a stop they were all lined up in a row across the LACMA for lunch time.  This was so great because typically in SF when food trucks come out there seems to always be a line. It helped that we arrived early and they seem to all be setting up.  All seemed so good but we decided on trying a couple out.

The Street Kings Fries were on point.  The fries were well done!  They had a good outer crisp and a soft inside.  The Beef was soft and sweetly marinated and the slaw was a nice refresher, the entire thing was lightly drizzled with a sweet and sour sauce.  Most of the other food trucks at least had one option that had a variation of Korean food-which was a surprise but I can understand because Korean food is delicious!

I also had a Banh Minh from Banh in the USA Truck.  it was $7.50 and to be honest.  No one should pay more than $4 for a Banh Minh.  And I didn’t think the sandwich was the greatest but it wasn’t bad.  it was just meeeeh…


U: Street Kings Truk, ML: Banh Minh Sammie, Grilled Chicken and the Works, MR: BBQ Korean Beef and Slaw over Fries, L: Banh in the USA Truck

Fifth Stop: The HOLLYWOOD Sign.  Idk how we ended up there but we drove through a windy residential area.  We ignored the giant signs that said “NO ACCESS to the SIGN” or “TAKE THE SHUTTLE” .  We double parked, hiked up a dusty ridge,  snapped a few photos and high tailed it outta there.


Headed to The HOLLYWOOD SIgn!


UL: Tuktuk at Hollywood Sign, UR: The Sign, L: A Panoramic shot of the Valley Opposite of the Sign

Last Stop: Dinner with the Changbergers at Bon Viviant Market & Cafe.

For dinner we walked a couple blocks to their favorite local restaurant Bon Viviant.  The food was delicious and the drinks were refreshing.  I ordered a portobello mushroom sandwiched topped with a perfectly over easy egg , even when sliced down the middle i kept its shaped!  I also have a cucumber cooler cocktail and a chocolate mousse tart for dessert.  Everyone really loved their food and the most popular dish seemed to be this pasta that everyone was ordering.  I’ll have to try it next time!

bon viviant

UL: Tom chuckling at everything, UR:the Portabello Sammie with the perfectly dissected egg, C: Aerial View of The Sammie Served with Sweet Potato Fries, LL: Chocolate Mousse Tart, LR: Cucumber Cooler!


And that concludes our full day in LA!  Til next time…

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