MILK and My Lobotomy

Last night I attended a retirement party for a good friend of ours – Rae, She had worked for Public Health for 37 years.  She had a crowd of very interesting people who attended her party, it didn’t surprise me because she is a very interesting person herself.

This is one of the famous photos that have been circulated in San Francisco. I met Rich, he was photograph riding on a scooter with Harvey Milk.

From Windy City Media Group

Another interesting man we met Howard Dully, he wrote a memoir called “My Lobotomy” .  We met him briefly and purchased a copy of his book.  Rae deemed him her new BFF.

I started to read up on Howard Dully, Lobotomies, and Walter Freeman.  It is a very sad but very captivating story.  I also listened to the NPR broadcast on All Things Considered to learn more about Howard Dully and his lobotomy.

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