Rentals, Sunpass and the Intercontinental



Miami trip: May 21- 25

I arrived  at Miami International Airport [MIA] around 11:30 am.  The lack of signage specifically to car rentals was confusing and almost non-present. We opted to rent a car for the days we were in South Florida.

I suggest if you decide to stay within Miami Beach a car is not really needed.  We wanted to explore further out to Key West and into the Everglades so we decided it was needed.

I arrived at the rental counter nearing around noon, it took about another 45 minutes to settle my rental.  (Note to self – bring driver’s insurance or remember your Chase Sapphire Card covers rental insurance.)

Finally into the car!  I make my way towards downtown Miami-the car was equipped with the SUNPASS so i can freely go through tolls without a worry.  Unless… I  happen to go through one of the few tolls that accepts cash.  I roll down my window and explain to the toll lady that I have a SunPass.  She reluctantly believed me and says it will cost me $1.25 I tell her, I don’t have any change, she huffs and repeats $1.25… I ask if she give change then seconds later she mumbles – it’s a rental…and pulls up the toll gate.  WTH. Why was that so difficult?  i have no idea.

I finally arrive at the Intercontinental downtown.  I pull up to valet and walk into the hotel, Just as I expected the intercontinental to be. Fancy. I soon forgot about the obstacles I went through to get to the hotel.IMG_5390


Large stone sculpture in the lobby of the Intercontinental. Toro Toro Restaurant is located behind. And in the lobby there are touch screen coffee tables where you can make reservations or look up information.


Untitled-1 copy

We were on the 17th floor, with the view of the Downtown.

I tried my best to settle in, checked what amenities the room came with.  The room was standard with two full beds, even though we requested a king.  The bathroom was as large as the room – pretty impressive.


The View

I found the mini bar to be quite impressive also very $$$.  They had an automatic tally system.  so don’t even think of taking out any of the items.  But if you would like for the staff  to clear it out you can pay an additional $25 for that service.  We didn’t bother.


I got restless in the room and I decided to lay out pool side for a bit.  I had a two piece high waited swimsuit on, everyone around me were in thongs.  I felt over dressed.


The Pool, with Biscayne Bay beyond and the lone palm tree.

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