Hello Charlotte.

I can’t tell if you are a great city. I’m stuck at the airport with a layover only long enough to get a full charge on my phone.

Funny thing happened on my way from SFO to CLT.
I was in the bathroom stall and after I finished my business I was leaving the stall but notice a toilet seat cover that was on the floor was stuck to my shoe. I tried shaking the flimsy paper off my shoe. This pesky paper would not shake off, so I shook my foot as hard as possible and a loud “Oh $hit!” comes out of my mouth. Whoops!
My Shoe flew into the other stall, a nice lady kicked it back as I stood there laughing.

In other news, the US Airways red eye flight was quick. I fell asleep like a baby, it helps that it was after midnight. The flight had zero entertainment, even the armrest played no music station!!! What is this?
Oh well. The flight was quick and smooth. I thought it was definitely smoother than riding an oldie Caltrain.

And the airport… Just like any other airport in America, Bland. Lack of outlets with an outdated design. Why can’t all airports realize they need to upgrade their outlet situation?! Power the row seating!

In other news. I’m on the plane waiting for everyone to stow their precious belongings away. Oh this older woman with a southern accent was snippily giving lip about the size if my carry on. All I can say is “Haters Gonna Hate.”
The guy across the aisle received an un-welcomed lap dance by a heavily bottom African woman in glittery tights. He wasn’t very happy. But hey people have to pass through the aisles.

Good Bye Charlotte!


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