April Showers Bring May Flowers…

Or in San Francisco… A May heat wave!

Well April has come and gone and it was one of the busier months this year surprisingly!  Maybe as we draw closer towards the end of the year the months will seem to be more crazy!

Here are April’s best moments.

April 4 – Mom’s 56th Birthday Lunch.

We had lunch at an all-you can grill Korean BBQ place, it was delicious!



April 8 – Space Shuttle Siting! (The tiny spec of light on the right)



April 13 – Tom’s Dad’s Birthday aka the day I finally ate real meat again.

ok, so i ate the very cooked part of the Prime Rib, or the non red-bloody part!  Slowly but surely trying to eat more protein.


April 12 – Dress Shopping with Rox at Elegant Lace.

This is one of the better bridal shops I’ve experience, very helpful and amazing at what they do.  They hand you little rings to hook onto dresses you think the bride will look good in, and they widdle down the options and will not bring the ones to her if it is way beyond her budget.


April 18 – My Architecture Record Exam –  PPP Test!

Below is me practicing my design portion, while Tom was working while he was on call.  Six days later i found out i PASSED!


April 19 – Katrina’s Bachlorette!

We rode a pink hummer limo to Asia SF.  “Where the women are strong and the men are pretty.”

10262682_10152102552683129_1854552371_o 10276439_10152795863077468_505386787_n


April 20 – Hoppy Easter AKA Eat ALL the sweets cause Lent is Over!

We had an egg hunt for the Manibusan twins and little Sophia Ryu.  A Big thank you to Leo for manning the grill all day!  P.s. We still have left overs!




Sophia and I – Twinning!

April 25- Marc and Trin Finally!

The Apilado and Tenedora Nuptials held at the Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove! This might be one of the top weddings I’ve been to.  Everything was designed with detail in mind.  That is what you get with an Event Planner and a Graphic Designer! Details Details Details!  It was a Gatsby Theme wedding at a historic mansion.   The men wore fedoras, holsters and vest, while the women wore beaded flapper dresses, pearls and finger waves.  There was a donut grooms cakes and a macaron wedding cake.  The groom’s family is in a band so there was live music throughout the night.  With an open bar, chocolate bar, Dessert table, and cigar bar we wished this night never ended!

The couple dated for 13 years and honestly – It was worth the wait!





April 30 – Goodbye to the Manibusan-Lumbre-Guadelupe-Marzo Family!

The family that spent the last two weeks with us has left this morning.  Although it got crowded it was a great time!  I’m super sad that the twins -Margoux and Javin aren’t going to be stomping around, giggling, and screaming at the house anymore.  Til next time guys!


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