Yangshuo Finally!!!

Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo:  October 24, 2010

Four hours later we arrived at Yangshuo!  I never been so excited to get back on land, the cruise was great except four hours of scenery was all i could handle.

Yangshuo is located south of Guilin. Both located at the northeastern of Guangxi region in China

Yangshuo was a small town with few sites to see.  They had a tourist area which had cafes, restaurants and of course stalls of trinkets.  This area had a great visual impact especially with the karst mountains in towering over the town.

Yangshao Tourist Walk

After we made our way through the tourist area we visited a more calm side of Yangshuo.  I enjoyed seeing this part of town.  Homes were made of bricks and we saw a few locals working on their homes.

Yangshuo Architecture

Along the way we stopped by the legendary Dragon Bridge.  A group of male backpackers  making a commotion were doing back flips off the bridge!  I managed to get a photo of one of them.Yangshuo Bridge

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