Cruisin’ on the Li River

Li River Cruise:  October 24, 2010

The Li River also known as Lijiang is about 51.5 miles (83 km) long that flows from Guilin to Yanshuo.  It is most known for the Karst mountains that provide a rugged scenery along the river.

We had arrange for the cruise on the Li River through our hostel.  The arrangement included a morning pickup with an English speaking guide and lunch.  The small bus that picked us up arrived promptly and drove us to the to the Zhujiang pier, this is where we boarded the take the boat to cruise on the Li River.  It took about four hours to reach the Yangshuo pier.


The Karst scene was printed on the 20 Yuan bill. We got to this scene about half way into the cruise.

Li River Cruise

There were so many beautiful scenic photos you can take. The karst mountains in the back ground blended so well with the slightly overcast day.

Li River Cruise mid way

There were only so many photos of the scenic karst you can take before boredom sets in. (i know, it sounds pretty horrible). We had lunch on the boat, the spread was typical of what you can find in an American Chinese restaurant. I figured they catered to the tourist.



Beautiful Scenery.

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