Bamboo Rafting, Cormorant Fishing and Carabao Petting

Yangshuo:  October 24, 2010

After meandering around Yangshuo briefly we were led to the Yulong river.  At the Yulong river we boarded narrow bamboo rafts, which we rode down the river.  I was surprise because I thought we were going to watch some birds catch fish by the water-not go on a floating piece of wood down a river!  I did like what any good tourist would do and follow the tour… I hopped onto the floating raft with Tom and we were paddled by a young man who stood behind the built-in bamboo seats.

Bamboo Raft on the Li River

I’ll take that life vest as I ride on your raft sir. Thanks.


This is the little “water fall” we had to pass over, slightly adventurous…

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers.   The fishermen tie a rope near the base of the cormorant’s throat, which stops it from swallowing the large fish, held in their throat.


Cormorant Fishing

This fisherman had several Cormorants to assist him to fish.

Yangshuo  Water Buffalo

Down the river we stopped by an area with a farmer and his water buffaloes, on Guam we call them Carabaos. The farmer’s family was in the area and his daughter was running around, i asked if i could give her some candy and handed her fruit-by-the-foot. Who doesn’t love that?  The farmer let us feed his carabaos and take photos.

We took the rafts back into Yangshuo where we were met by a bus that will shuttle us back to our hostel in Guilin.

Thank you Yangshuo that was a great day!

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