Hello Guilin

Guilin Stay:  October 23-26, 2010

After a wonderful stay in Chengdu and falling in love with the Pandas we headed to Guilin.  As we planned our China trip, we thought a break to a river side town would be a good idea. Especially since we were Shanghai bound in a few days.

Guilin is located on the west bank of the Li River mainly known for the karst topography.  We booked a hostel near the river called Guilin Riverside Hostel.  This hostel was more like a hotel with nice linen and a great view of the river.  The hostel was located in a central location, the downtown area was a few minutes walk.  There was also a wonderful restaurant next door which we frequent on our short stay there.  


I booked our hostel on Hostel World.  I always book based on reviews then on price.  Since we were going to a lesser known part of China the prices for hotels were very affordable.

The Riverside Hostel felt more like a hotel.  We booked a double private room with a bathroom in suite.  The room was the most spacious from our travel through China.  The only thing missing was room service.  They did however change the linen, clean the room daily and provided fresh towels more than other hostels would do.  I highly recommend staying at Riverside Hostel.


The Hostel provided pick up for a minimum fee. It was located behind a busy restaurant (which served great food)


Dining area/Lounging area, outside view of the river.


Our room with a comfy queen size bed and a tv.


We spent the day time walking around the area.  The major plus for the Hostel was it was centrally located almost everything was a walking distance.



The food we ate all from the restaurants close by and a few snacks from the local stores.


Yep, we did order a lot of green beans, they were just that good.


We found these rambutan being sold off a man’s bike.  Couldn’t resist not to try them

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