Holy Springs Water Temple

Pura Tirta Empul:  November 24, 2013

The Holy Springs Water Temple, Or more known as Pura Tirta Empul, is a Hindu Temple located in Ubud.    This temple contains pools inside the courtyard in which it was said that the waters have magical healing powers.

The temple was leveled, with only a few steps located inside. We were excited about this because the earlier temple we visited was very difficult with hundreds of steps to go up and down in the scorching Bali heat. When we arrived to the temple I noticed the place was filled with wonderful statues and as we got closer to the inner pools you notice there were other smaller temples in the area.

The temple was filled with both locals and tourist; you can easily spot the tourist, the ones trying to hold onto their sarongs, while the locals wear their sarongs effortlessly. We spotted the pool and we debated to participate with the plunge into the pool.

Eventually we decided- “When in Bali”.  My friend and I seized the moment and said when will we ever come back and get to experience the holy springs like the locals, luckily we had brought sarongs from the previous temple and had spare cloths from the advice of our driver.   There were changing rooms with lockers; strangely there were no female/male designation. The changing room was one huge corridor flanked with wooden square lockers on each side.  There was another smaller corridor under construction with fewer people so we decided it was ok to change in that area.  Two of our friends opted out of taking a dip in the springs and watched out stuff.  Oddly enough there was wifi and the boxing match being show on a flat screen TV in the large pavilion to occupy their time while we immerse ourselves in the holy springs.

My friend and I made our way down to the springs and slowly entered the chilly water.  The springs were a nice break from the heat.  The water felt so nice I thought it was indeed magical because it made the Balinese heat more tolerable.  We really had no clue what to do, so we followed the locals.



The Temple was filled with amazing stone work




They also house a Koi Pond



The Holy Springs Pool


Maya and I in line at the first head.


Offerings were placed along the water source.


The locals and tourist waiting their turn


My friend Maya



The ground surrounding the springs were very slippery, they had to set up rubber mats to reduce slips. Spot us in the background.


One of the entrances to the Springs, That is my friend Hazel watching from a dry spot


I continued along the length of the pool and immersed myself in the holy springs.


The very last one!


We made it! That was really refreshing!


I asked if i could take their photo, they happily posed.


More ornate stone work


Another ornate door


Detail of statue


Maya and Chris in front of the Pavilion that broadcast the Boxing match. They are air drying her sarong.


The way out…

Thank you Holy Springs, you were a great experience and a wonderful break from the Bali Heat.

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