A day in Uruguay

Colonia:  August 9, 2009

A day trip to Colonia from Buenos Aires was a wonderful idea.  We took the first  ferry out to Uruguay called a Buquebus from BA and headed towards the UNESCO World Heritage Site  of Colonia, Uruguay!


This is one of my favorite photos of that trip, its shows the calmness juxtaposed with the tourism, hence the bus parked along the side of the trees.

Colonia, was paved in stone and lined with these wonderful trees.  When we visited it was August, it was quite cold.  I’m assuming because of the location, the season were opposite of California.  The streets to get to Colonia’s historic center were empty, it almost seemed like we were the only ones in town.


What impressed me also about Colonia was it also had it share of modern architecture.  The straight lines of these buildings were so minimalistic and clean.  All so wonderful.Architecutre

The town seems to have a monotone feel to it, all the cement, stone pavement and masonry.  We got pretty excited when we found this facade with a wonderful splash of color.


Wendy, Me and Sharon hanging around!

On our way we walked pass by a civic building, this i believe from the symmetry it also had a statue out front.  Near by there were also ruins of a building with a mural of a saint.


We finally made it to the city’s historical center.  At the historical center there were old buildings that contained shops and restaurants.  There was also lighthouse, a bridge way and a great waterfront. We walked around til we got hungry so we found a place for a quick bite. 

This restaurant was near this viewing tower. We wandered up the tower and found… nothing really.  Just an empty space with windows to view the ocean.


The food was meaty! Definitely.  I opted for the somewhat meatless option and went for the cheese stuffed ravioli and a side of calamari!  My friends had a platter of meat that seem to be bottomless.



Peaceful Colonia and its waterfront!

We walked away from the historical center and found a busier street life.  We even manage to see a couple of dogs!



This made my day, seeing the Laptop part of the “One Laptop per Child” organization. I saw several laptops being put to use. This is definitely a great organization http://one.laptop.org/


This town is ours!!!  It was a nice day, but still very chilly.   We have special interest in cable cars since we all lived around San Francisco!


Tuk tuk made it out to Colonia, unfortunately blurry but still present.

We headed back to the ferry station as soon as night fell.  The town was empty but we felt to be safer not to be wandering around the town, especially when there were so few lights out.


Back to BA. We all were very tired from walking around all day and too a nap, when we woke we arrived! (date stamp is a few days off)

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