an Ode to Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk, my concrete elephant painted in a tarnished gold color I picked up in Bangkok.  He was sold at a night stall, where the locals buy trinkets to place as offerings at the Temples.  Instead of offering him up I made him my ” Traveling Gnome”.  I named him Tuk Tuk after the motor scooters ubiquitous to Thailand with the same name.

I take Tuk Tuk on all my trips, he usually will be stowed with my camera bag so he won’t break.  Funny thing he does take the occasional tumble and  as concrete does – he breaks when dropped.


This is Tuk Tuk at the Grand Palace. Looking so fresh and so clean.


Our first time in Africa, Visiting the Great Pyramids

And then we went to Argentina, Tuk Tuk fatally got dismembered, no not by dancing the tango but because a friend of mine wanted a photo with him (how could you resist) and he slipped out and was disfigured.



I joke this is why we had a strain in our friendship.  She then worked all night or for a good five minutes and he was all together again.  Sans the fingers on his trunk,  We never found that piece of him even with the help of local Argentinians combing through the place.  Its okay now he has tons of character.


Here he is at the Great Wall of China!


Tuk Tuk in Boracay, Philippines. Looking golden.

And somehow between the Philippines – Malaysia – Bali – Singapore He lost the very most tip of his trunk (again) .  I have yet to find it, I somehow manage to keep the tip but it is now misplaced in one of my bags that I brought on the trip.


Tuk Tuk in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, Shorter trunk but still happy.

And now back at Home, Sweet Home.  In California we took a tour of Facebook.  Trunks up!


Tuk Tuk Liked the Facebook Campus in Menlo Park, California.

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