Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every February 14 at 6 pm in San Francisco at Justin Herman Plaza (Across the Ferry Building) there is this massive pillow fight!  Everyone and their moms comes out with a pillow and when the clock strikes 6 starts whacking away!  I went several years ago after I returned from India, and since I had no valentine plans i figured sure why not.

Rules are simple.  Wait til the Ferry Building clock to strike at 6 pm to start, Don’t hit anyone without a pillow, Don’t hit anyone with a camera.


Pillow fight February 14, 2010.

My thoughts on it… Well for once thing, man where do people get these really REALLY Firm pillows?  Cause damn those are hard as rocks.  Second, Massive body odor happening here People wear extra deodorant!.

It helped that I was shorter so I can just duck and walk away from all those swings, my friend Misty on the other hand was 6′-0″ a prime target.   We ended up in the middle of the plaza some how and within a few minutes it was suffocating!  I just had to just get out, it wasn’t about hitting people anymore, it was more of let’s make a b-line to freedom and  get out of this massive mosh pit of pillow slingers.

All in all-it is worth the experience.  But nope.  Never again!

More info can be found here: http://www.sfstation.com/pillow-fight-2013-e261481

P.s.In case you were wondering, Today I opted not to wear my red dress with heart-shaped scribbles on them.

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