Let’s talk about food.

Trip to Guam: November 02-10, 2013

Guam.  When I first arrived I rarely ate meat, now I can’t even stop.

Let me start from one of the best meals I’ve had on Guam.  The “Fiesta Plate”.  The fiesta plate mainly called this because Guam is known to have at least one Fiesta a Month dedicated to a Saint of their village.  Read more about the Fiesta plate here . When you go to a fiesta you pile onto your plate at least a few of these staples.  This was not from a Fiesta, but it was somewhat like one.  It was from the Chamorro Village.   You are probably wondering what is this Chamorro Village?  Well its a nightly market that happens only on Wednesdays.  It’s mainly a big tourism thing, where they have vendors that sell local food, crafts, trinkets and they have traditional performances and also a man that hangs out with his carabao who offers carabao rides.  My cousin knew the owner of the booth and sought us out to try their food out.  They are located towards the back end of the Chamorro village next to the stage close to the road.  They don’t really have a sign or business name, they are just known for having one of the best bbq’s and fiesta plate selections at the Chamorro Village. We got there early so there wasn’t a wait, but after we left the line wrapped around the other vendors.

This Fiesta plate consisted of 1. ) Red rice, 2.) 2 sticks of BBQ i believe chose chicken, 3.) BBQ squid 4.) chicken kelaguen (kelaguan- think of ceviche) 5.) Pancit (noodles – Filipino) all served up with a Finadene ( a soy sauce, lemon, onions, pepper dipping sauce)

I ate the entire plate.  It could easily fed two maybe three people.  But I ate the ENTIRE thing.



Takoyaki- was my appetizer before the fiesta plate

Next up, everyone keeps talking about this place, but really i think it was just OK.  its this place that is called Jamaican Grill.


My cousin and uncle wanted to take us to dinner and met us here.  They ordered for us and ended up ordering way too much.  So we had ribs for breakfast the next day!

We started with appetizers.  This was the chicken kelguen serves with coconut tatiyas.  i loved the tatiyas, the keleguen was ehh.. okay i can make that at home.


to follow was this combo chicken and ribs platter, looks small. but wait for the scale.jg1

i thought this was funny, they served some salad-which no one touched.  why bother?

My Cousin and Tom.

DSC_0073at the end of the meal they for some reason thought it was some one’s birthday and sent us an ice cream sundae,  of course no one could possible eat any of it cause we ate too much of everything else.

On Guam there are a ton of Mom and Pop stores.  There you can get pretty much all of this.  where do i begin.  The bag of empanadas, yes we bought the entire store out.  this crunch pastry filled with chicken and creamy rice was amazing.  Other items you can find at these stores are hand rolls of sushi.  No-not fresh fish sushi.  The sushi usually consists of spam, eggs, carrots, daikon, carrots and rice.  occasionally or to my surprise they have tuna sushi. All to be pushed down by the delicious Milk teas!  To my amazement it comes in four different flavors now… or more!




For an After drinking meal… We always ended up at Fuiji Ichiban.  A ramen house that served well ramen for one but also very good karage (fried chicken)  not only does everything taste good but it helps that they are open real late!



There is this great restaurant near Alupang Beach called Meskla at the Cove, apparently there are other locations.   This is by far the best place to get calamari.  I ordered a shrimp burger with sweet potato fries, if i didn’t eat so much calamari and swallow a lot of salt water from paddle boarding i would have had room for the entire burger. m12


Best Calamari on the Island!


Some dried beef, then deep fried. Served with a Denache(chilie pepper paste) Aioli


Shrimp burger, with chunks of shrimp in every bite.

Now for fast food, the only place we  went to was good ol’ Mc Donalds! What makes Mc D’s so special?  well the Portuguese sausage and rice of course!

Sausage, Spam, Ricejpg copy

Portuguese Sausage, Spam Eggs and Rice.

And then there was the Buffets! I went to three.  But there are so many the hotels offer.  the first was at the Pacific Island’s Club at the Polynesian show.  for $65 the show was good, the food was eh. so so…  The second one was at Skylight also at P.I.C. the food was American Buffet with sprinkles of Chammorro and Italian food.  I ate mostly dessert.  The Third Buffet was my Favorite.  At the Marriott Cafe– it was Asian Theme so they had dishes from all over Asia, ranging from Thai to Filipino to Indian.



The Polynesian show had, Clams and grilled squid along with Yakisoba and red rice. The Yakisoba was spot on the Grilled squid was under cooked and the clams were too much work for a mouth full of sand.

At PIC- Skylight i was tired of eating so i went Dessert first.  I ate half the plate the decided i needed to eat something substantial… or salty.



 Pacific Star hotel bought out by the Marriott.  Served up one of the best buffets on


Roaster, Fried, and bbqed meat


Fresh Juices available


a Curry station, prepared by a chef




I end with this photo.  A collection of Spam the local K-mart has in stock.  Yep Just like Hawaii, Guam loves its Spam.  f3

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