Travel Theme Thursday!

To try to kick off this year right I have decided on one great New Year’s resolution.

Update my travel blog at least once a week.  Thursday is the day to do it! Coincidentally, I just so happened to wear this today.


The Above Par Avion Dree – You Can find it Here:

I always wanted a travel theme dress, and i found this. It is perfect.  It has a print filled with postcards, but wait its gets better!  It also has pleats, lining, and best of all pockets!  It would have been the best if it had sleeves but sleeve-less would do.  Pleats and pockets are the things i look for in a dress.  and Lucky me this dress happen to be on sale. The fabric is a heavy cotton with a great lining!  I wrapped it all up with a neat brown bow belt.
photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

photo 1

Is it spring yet? Almost, but i know one thing for sure the Polar Vortex has not reached San Francisco!


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