Guam, Where America’s day begins!

Trip to Guam: November 02-10, 2013

Let’s just all be honest, I’m more of a photo blogger. So prepare yourself for awesome photos of underwater clarity!

Let me introduce you to Guam. Guam is a US Territory located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. To be honest, if I wasn’t from Guam… I doubt I would ever visit or even hear of such an island. Where exactly? here is a little help from Wikipedia


Guam is located South of Japan, East of the Philippines, North of Australia…

Our total stay on Guam was for about eight days! (Nov 2- Nov 10) It may seem like a long time on a tiny island (212 square miles) But in actuality we ran out of time!  My main reason for visiting Guam was to attend a wedding for a friend who I knew since high school. When I wasn’t caught up in wedding festivities i was at the beach.

This post will be mainly about Guam’s beaches.  Or the beaches we managed to get to.  Everyday I was there for at least an hour I went to the beach with the urge of my boyfriend we couldn’t miss a day at the beach.

The first beach and most well-known located in Tumon. Ypao Beach.  The best thing about this beach was the snorkeling!  All the fishes you can see int he crystal clear water was unbelievable!  Not to mention there were shower and bathroom facilities so you can wash off all that salty ocean water.


A panoramic View of Ypao Beach

This was the very first time I’ve ever snorkeled, and man it was tough even with a life vest!  just getting use to breathing and not inhaling the saltwater was hard imagine if i had to concentrate on floating as well!


Here I am, struggling with this mask.




Hello Fishies!


The beach adjacent to Ypao Beach  known for the finer sand was called Matapang Beach. The waters were clear and almost still.  Not too many different fishes to see but it would be a good place to learn to paddle board.  We met a few friends here and we just waded in the water til we got hungry. this beach is a good place for kids especially since the water was almost still.

Further north of Tumon close there is Gun Beach. The name Gun beach was most likely because there were a few Large Japanese guns left behind during WW2.


Exhibit A: Large Gun.

The beach was located behind the former Nikko hotel.  There is now a beach bar a hundred feet away from the beach-which I thought was genius.  Finally a bar at the beach called “Beach Bar”!

This beach I believe is where people learn to scuba, there were tourist arriving as we started to pack up close to sunset.  the nice part about this beach was the cliffs surrounding the beach.



The fish was present but not as colorful, more of the silver/white fishes. The water was a bit murky from the sand being pushed and pulled by the current.


Took a break from snorkeling for a quick hike to the cliff.


The sun is close to setting as we departed.

Next up Ritidian Beach.  This beach is located at the northernmost perimeter reef of Guam, it was surely a pain to get to.  Not because of the distance it was purely because of the road.  Pot hole heaven, or should it be known as Pot hole hell!  it took us about half an hour to drive carefully to avoid these huge holes in the road.  But when we got there it was almost isolated!




Let’s get in!


All ready with the fish bait. Vienna Sausages. Perfect for luring fishes, since you can squeeze it into small pieces and the fishes love it!

Here we go! We started snorkeling against the current but realize why fight this… so we let the current take us along the beach.  We didn’t dare venture out pass the reef due to the strong current and also the Patrol on the ATV kept a careful lookout on the beach.


the Clear Clear water




My cousin and I.



The water was a little more shallow.



The current was so strong, we stop fighting and we swam along with it.  In the end we drifted about half a mile from where we set post and we walked back.


Don’t let his smirk fool you, he hates walking. Especially when it is hot!


Walking back selfie, to occupy the time.


The View from the Top to RItidian Beach


Alupang Beach was the last beach we went to on Guam and where our Camera got water-logged.   You can tell how the photo isn’t as crisp due to the moisture in t he casing.  This beach was supposed to be the place to go for paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking and the rest of the water activities.  I must say the water here was way too shallow for snorkeling, but way too busy to even attempt to snorkel.  The jet skis were everywhere!  I manage to stand up a few times on the paddle board but falling was hard due to the shallow shallow water!


There are a lot of more beaches we didn’t cover, the majority of these photos were capture by a GoPro Hero Black 3+.  it was a great camera.  yes was… until the seal stopped working and killed the camera at the first leg of our trip. (go pro eventually sent us a new camera after we got back but not a new case… that is another  issue we still have to sort)


Peace out Guam Beaches! Wish I was still snorkeling!

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