The Search for the Curry Puff Begins…

So… I have had curry puffs on my brain. I decided to find some near by. Luckily i work in the financial District so Chinatown is a short walk to wonderful world of steam dim sum and baked pastry.

I did a quick search on yelp the three shops that had them are:

1. Golden Gate Bakery 2. Anna Bakery 3. New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant.

Of course Golden Gate the one with raving reviews is closed for the Holidays. They even have a website dedicated to when they are open. ( Nope they are not.  They are famous for their Don tots or egg tarts.  I called and they will be closed until December 21.  So my second choice. was the closer Anna Bakery.

Here is what i thought of it in comparison to the ultimate AMK Curry Puff.

First off the walk took about a quick 10 minutes, i was enjoying the walk so much i passed the bakery.  I entered the bakery and it had some quaint seating towards the back.  There were two people working there- one lady who was just concentrating on making coffee and one who acknowledge me then ran downstairs to go to the kitchen.  i stood there for about 5 minutes maybe more looking and waiting for some help.  But coffee lady didn’t even bother to look up and then another 5 minutes pass the lady who ran downstairs came back up with a tray of baked items and asked what i wanted.  I saw in their display case what looks like the Curry Puffs. and i pointed and asked for three, with that i also got for some green onion buns and hot dog buns just in case i was still hungry so 3 curry puffs, 2 onion buns and 2 hot dog buns cost $6.90. hmm okay ill go with it. I walked to the redwood park and tried what i had purchase.

The Curry Puff…Was cold most likely not fresh, the curry reminded me more of Indian, the meat looked like a mush and the pasty was flaky and literally fell all over my pants.  There was too much pastry, too little filling.  I’m assuming my lust for the perfect KariPap led me to this disappointment. it was so-so.  I brought the left over home and my bf said it tasted better once he nuked it in the microwave.  So yes. those curry puffs were not fresh indeed and not the ones I’ve been searching for.  How about the Onion and hot dog bun? Same thing! cold, the bread was not as soft and not as tasty and way too greasy.


Anna Bakery can be found at 715 Clay St (between Kearny St & Walter U Lum Pl) in San Francisco


Here are the Curry Puffs, already not looking like what i hoped for. The Pastry already looks too flaky.


Pretty Decent Size


My First bite, hmm. wish it was warm. First bite all Pasty


Mush of beef, maybe there were potatoes but i don’t know. didn’t see any chunks and definitely no egg.



Here is the Onion Bun, At least it had its looks going for it.

maybe ill try New Hollywood today… maybe.

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