An Ode to Curry Puffs.


I know! I  have returned from my month long trip and i blog about curry puffs. instead of capturing my memories onto a blog.  where are my priorities.?

Well folks i have been thinking about these darn Curry Puffs for the last three days!  i have been in search for them here in San Francisco.  and apparently there may be some really good ones in Chinatown!

Okay. Let me introduce you to the Curry Puff. AKA Karipap or  Epok-epok.  My very first one was at the Bali airport while waiting for a flight to Singapore.  But let me tell you the best ones I’ve ever tasted was at Tao Payoh!  The stalls open around 10? pretty late don’t you think.  but everything in Singapore apparently opens around that time or even later.  My friend and i noticed it being freshly made and had to wait a few minutes before the first batch came out! When you think deep fryer you automatically assume oily! nope not these guys.  their shells were properly done that the oil didn’t catch onto them! oh boy they have my vote for best thing about Singapore!  i believe they were Singaporean $1.30 each! worth it! i bought 4, yep i ate them all.  and they were so wonderful!  i had to slow down so i wouldn’t burn my mouth.


AMK Curry Puff can be found near the Toa Payoh Station!


Curry Puff Magic Maker!


The first batch out of the deep fryer.


Here it is. The best thing about Singapore! the CURRY PUFF!


Filled with Curry spices ground meat and a quarter of an egg!

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