One last flight til home sweet home

Flight # 12! TPE to SFO.
I spent the day before in Manila. Last minute shopping. It was exhausting. Manila traffic was ridiculous. It took an hour and a half to get to the Divisoria now known as Mall 168/99/New China Town.
We spent the entire day looking for good bargains and trying my best to haggle down items. We ended the day eating at Robinsons Magnolia at Buffet 101. It is by far the cleanest thing I’ve seen in Manila. And yes the food was good also!

The last day in Singapore was also a shopping day but ended with frustration with Philippine airline yet again. They will receive a strongly worded letter from me. To keep it short. I had it printed my ticket came with 2 baggages. They denied that idea even in print. It took me 40 minutes to get a boarding pass and get a reduce fee to something I shouldn’t have had to pay for in the first place. Just keep in mind. There is NO such thing as customer service at Philippine Airlines.

So now we are just passing time I. The Taipei Airport! By far the best planned airport. Lounge chairs and outlets and all!!!! Not to mention they have cultural experience kiosk and crafts at almost every gate.
Taipei would be definitely a good place to visit.
So now off to San Francisco!!!

20131201-205352.jpg my niece Sophie and I just chillin on the lounge chairs.


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