Sweaty Singapore!

Note to self: don’t walk in the middle of the afternoon from one end of Orchard road to the Marina Bay Sands!

We tried to celebrate our friend Chris’s birthday on top of the Marina Bay Sands. However the ticketing office said there was a 70% chance it would rain so it off put the idea. It never rained.

The next plan was to maybe check out the casino and see where luck can get us. Nope. No entry, not even with a valid California or Washington ID. Passports! Not copies!

So we decided forget it let’s have dinner we decided Mezza9 at the Hyatt looked appetizing. The wait was about 40 minutes so we put our names on the air and went for a walk. We then found another restaurant that was more appealing so we put our name on the que. The fifteen minutes wait led us to wander deeper into Orchard road and ended up at a Korean place.
We decided it was perfect, plus no wait!
It was delicious.



Here are some snippets of today’s walk around.
TukTuk drinking from the Merlion.

TukTuk in front of the waterfront with the Marina Bay Sands


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