Until Later Ubud!

We spent our last day shopping for gifts and Balinese crafts.
If we didn’t have just finished paying for our giant 8 person table (for a 2 person household) I would have bought am awesome wood table made from the tamarind tree. Shipping per cubic meter would set me back $280, the table $1400 roughly.
They had great stuff…like this painted wooden statue!

Here is also a great chair I wanted but the shipping cost more that it!

Anyway we continued onto Ubud Pasar and shopped until our Rupiah ran short. Of course by then the clouds wanted to just let all the rain out. In the end we overpaid for a taxi to take us to Inu oka to get Babi Guling then take us back to the Villa.
We got it for take away because of the crazy rain! We went to the Warung that was located all the way back into the lot and we walked into huge puddles of gushing water!
Here is what we had ordered!


Verdict is… I’m becoming a vegetarian again once I return to San Francisco!

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and swimming in the pool.

This great infinity pool with a wondering of the rice fields.


We had our final dinner at the villa made by a local Wayung Suriani (?). The food was great especially for the price!
That’s one thing I will miss always being stuffed for under $4!




Now I’m all packed… Off to Singapore

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