First Official day in KL

I started the day with waking up around 8am laying around then finally budging with my Roomate to grab free breakfast downstairs. It was a simple breakfast they offered toast, bananas, and coffee.

We sat and talked to fellow travelers. Most of them traveling for at least several months at a time. All seem to be headed to New Zealand or Australia after KL. Or a few that have just came from Thailand. I met people from Sicily, Germany, England, New York, Canada and Indonesia. Everyone traveling solo meeting at this amazing hostel (with running hot water)! I had lost track of time and needed to rush to get ready for a day tour. 10:20 was the start time I realize it was 10:08 and I motored out of the communal space and into shower mode. That was the quickest shower of my life!
Then I realized I had to meet at Reggae Mansion up the block instead of our own lobby! I was 3 minutes late. But the other New Yorkers came a few minutes after me.
We went on the 7 Wonders of KL tour. I thought this tour was ideal because these places were not located within walking distance of our hotel.


After the tour completed I took a real shower and got dressed for dinner. Made it to the night market in Jalon Akoor (?) located near Bukit Bintang. We caught a free GoKL bus to the place! KL is awesome! Free clean bus with wifi! What the heck. This is too awesome!

For dinner I had noodles called Penang… I forget but reminded me of something Thai. Like a cross between Pad Thai and Chow Mein

This is a quick shot of the night market.

It started pouring right after we finished dinner. So we decided to head back to the hostel.

I’ll definitely need to post a follow up when I et to a real computer about the 7 wonders tour! Until then… Good night KL!

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