Greetings from Malaysia!

I made it! I left Manila at 2pm flew cebu pacific and had the entire row to myself! The flight seemed quick except some minor turbulence and the wired altitude they seem to be flying cause my ears constantly kept getting plugged.

One little snag on my fail proof travel plans was… Well I was suppose to take the Express train from the airport but I didn’t realize that cebu pacific flew into the “Low Cost Carrier” airport! And wasn’t flying in into the International airport! Yes they names the other airport “Low Cost Carrier Airport”!!!
So I asked where this express train is and how do I get there from this dinky airport and they said take a cab or bus. So I rows around and I find myself at a bus kiosk that sold tickets from this airport to KL Sentral one way for MR 8! The down side the bus ride was about an hour! The upside I didn’t have to pay MR 30!!! Score!

I grabbed my pack and headed towards the bus terminal, I stopped to ask twice mainly cause signage was so poor in te end I found it! And in time that the bus just came in for pick up! No waiting in line in the heat! The bus ride was fairly quick. I found myself starring outside as we passed tons of coconut trees . The airports are so far out from the city. But it was a great scenic ride.
We arrived at KL Sentral, I had to take the LRT to Masjid Jamek. The person in from of me trying to get an LRT ticket had no idea to get it so i offered to help like a boss and viola I’m a pro at this ticket machine. The signage here was excellent and got on the correct train and headed out to my stop. This train was clean! It has nothing on BART! Shockingly nice and cool.
I needed a little help figuring which exit door to walk out from, this helpful Malaysian man pointed me to the right direction and five minutes walking… I’m here!!! At the BackHome Hostel
I chatted a bit with the front desk worker and he helped me set up a tour and mapped out some sites. I found my dorm mate out I’m the lobby and we chatted a bit til it got late.
All in all a good day in Malaysia!



P.s. I’m blogging via iPhone so these photo maybe photo lift and in desperate need of spell check.

Also…I know I haven’t updated much about Guam and Boracay… But that has to wait until I get home for a photo by photo blog report on that!

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