Mabuhay! We made it to the Philippines!

Finally after the 13 hour flight and 2 hour connect we made it!

Flying China Airlines was pleasant although the planes were dated the pilot who flew the San Francisco to Taipei Leg was a seasoned pilot for sure!  For one thing.  I never even felt lifting off.  does also help we caught the red eye and I’ve been up since 5 am that day.  Not to mention worked the entire work day then drank half a pitcher of Sangria!  hah  Landing was just as smooth as well.

We flew for the first time with my niece Sophia, for the most part she wasn’t such a terror but what do you expect for a 21 mo infant flying a long haul?  Sorry to the pregnant lady sitting directly in front of us, she received the most of the kicks to the back seat.


Just in case my check-in goes awol. i like to take a quick photo. it is easier than describing them.


My Official travel partner! TukTuk


Good bye San Francisco! Traveling with these two crazies!


Having a neck pillow party in aisle 33!


A 13 hour flight, 1.5 hour lay over, and 2 hour connection! We’ve made it!!!


Now off to Guam for eight days!!!

P.S. I’m sorry i never was able to backlog blog!  big fail on my part!

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