Let’s get Organized!

27 days til upcoming trip and I needed to get my act together.

Flights ALL booked. (12 legs)

Hotels ALL booked! (sorta)

What now? Well How do I get organized?  Well besides spreadsheets, today I started a binder. Yes a binder. Old school ways.  Ahem… sometimes people want print outs! and I know I wont have wi-fi everywhere and can’t always pull up an email.  My binder contains tabs for each flight and hotels.  I’m still working on it, especially when it comes to finding directions to the hotel and etc…  I had a previous one for when I went to Japan it was so detailed the Japan Rail rep was impressed when I whipped it out to tell him which train seats and dates I needed reservations for!

Tabs for days!

Tabs for days!

But wait there is an app for that!  My friend Hazel recommended this app called WORLDMATE.  What the heck. This is genius. So genius I might splurge and buy the full version for $9.99.  Yes it’s that good.  All you have to do is forward your confirmation email to trips@worldmate.com and it syncs it to the app and viola you have all your trips in check.  More useful when you have 12 flights to take.  But also useful when you just have a two.


Worldmate App Logo

This is Worldmate.

That’s a pretty good travel tip:  Get Organized. hah!

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