Back log blogging…

My plans to backlog blog hasn’t worked out as planned. I come into my office a little early and figured perfect I can backlog blog but that hasn’t happened yet. Why? cause of full on planning mode for not only vacations, but also for two pre-wedding festivities! yes! TWO! Not to mention Still planning on hotels and all.
Here is the good news! We have settled down for Bali and Singapore and drum roll please…

Bali we decided to stay in UBUD! Rice Paddies it is. Oh how beautiful this place is. However… we do have to be approved by the owners to rent out their Villa among the rice fields.
Villa Sungai in Ubud aka Little Piece of Heaven in the Rice Fields

Villa Sungai, Ubud Bali (Courtesy of Airbnb)

Villa Sungai, Ubud Bali (Courtesy of Airbnb)

Singapore we decided to go with this little place from Airbnb located near Toa Payoh Central Toa Payoh Central Place The big draw to our group was the private bathroom.

Tomorrow may be a better day for backlog blogging.

One response to “Back log blogging…

  1. .. that looks lovely – makes me want to relax on one of those red lounge chairs and feel the cool breeze coming from the rice field. i also got a budget place from airbnb in my upcoming visit in colombo, this will be a first time for me to use their service.


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