It is October!

That only means one thing! 30 more days til vacation. That also means  FULL on ultra planning mode.

My friends and i are still undecided to where to stay in Bali. Which Part of the island, Villa or Hotel, Beach or Rice Paddies. Etc… hard world we live in eh?

However i did bite the bullet and chose a Hostel for when i stay in KL Malaysia.  I chose the Back Home Hostel! Looked the cleanest with ample space and even with a shared dorm (female) there seems to be plenty of room.  here is the link in case you would like to see what i’m talking about.
Back Home KL Hostel

It also looks like its is easy accessible via  train and i can take the train from the airport to it!

Excited? Yes!    Scared. Eh…    Anxious definitely!


Courtesy of Hostel World

* since there is only 30 days til my big trip i will try to back-blog my other trips before i get buried with other stuff.

hopefully once a day!

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