Yum Yum Tree!

Indian Wedding Celebration, New Delhi: Feb 8, 2010

Scheduled of Events:

Feb 7: Bhajan – A religious ceremony.

Feb 8: Pre-Wedding Celebration

Feb 9: Dinner at Bride’s Parents

Feb 10: Sangeet

Feb 11: Menhendi Lunch

Feb 12: Choora Ceremony

Reception of the Barat

Celebration at the Yum Yum Tree.  What is the Yum Yum Tree you ask?  It’s a restaurant owned and operated by My friend Prathna’s soon to be husband.  It is a Fine Dining Chinese Fusion, Rotary Asian fusion restaurant, and a Bar lounge!  Not all combines this restaurant had three different spaces in one location!  You can either come casual, formal, or to party!  In our case… PARTY!

The Yum Yum Tree threw a party to celebrate the guest arrival and basically for all the youngsters to mix, mingle, eat, and drink til their hearts desire.    It was so much fun.  In the end i only ended up with a few photos but with tons of crazy stories.

I don’t know what it is but apparently Indians like sweet shots!  everything was so sweet you get fooled into thinking there was no liquor.   I was tired of these sweet sweet drinks i decided to ask the bartender just for straight up grey goose and he seemed puzzled that we didn’t want more of the sweet stuff.  My friend’s brother in law kept chasing us down and handing us shot after shot of this sweet juice.  Well if we continued to have those sweet surprise shots we would have ended up like my dear friend Vivian. 

Vivian drank too much she was not her usual self.  Bar dancing and all.  Wow this was fun VIV.  Until one of my friend Prathna’s friend yelled “hey your friend. your friend is on the bathroom floor”. Uhoh! VIVIAN!!!  On the bathroom floor she passed out.  I went into the bathroom with a drink and a samosa in tow and was checking out the scene.  She drank just a little over her limit.  Instead of all of us calling it a night Deanna and Viv went to find the driver to take them back to the hotel.  Well they couldn’t find the driver in the end Viv was throwing up in some back dark lit alley in the middle of Delhi. As she was throwing up these street hound were growling at her.- Looked like they wanted to eat her.   Deanna then rushes back to the party and yells! “hey the dogs are going to eat Vivian”. haha.  We all decided to call it a night and Prathna’s little brother decided he would drive us back.  we all hopped int he car and my friend hopped into the driver seat thinking it was the passenger seat and the giggles just continued throughout the drive.  Poor guy had to hear it from all for the entire car ride.


Hayes Healy Representing


Hi Neha


Oh Viv!

BTW:  Before we took this trip we all created a spreadsheet with what appropriate attire to wear.  My friend Prathna mentioned this night was suppose to be “club hootch or skankalicious ” (haha)  When we got there we were the most scantily clad group there! doh! Darn those Jesuit College Girls

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