An Indian Princess Wedding – Bhajan

Indian Wedding Celebration, New Delhi: Feb 7, 2010

I’m trying to figure out how to capture this wonderful week of wedding evens in one post.  So these easiest thing i can think of is laying it by the scheduled events.  Let’s stat with some history on how i know an Indian Princess.  Okay she isn’t really an Indian princess but her wedding could have fooled anyone that she was!  It was a very lavishing traditional Indian wedding!  Her family invited me and the rest of our college friends to New Delhi to celebrate her wedding.  How could we refuse?  Going to India and experiencing the culture and being part of of the of most intensive and extravagant wedding is nothing to pass up on.  Below is a list of event that spanned throughout the week.  This will be heavy on photos as usual – the quality will be horrible because it will be all from my iphone 3gs (old school)

Scheduled of Events:

Feb 7: Bhajan – A religious ceremony.

Feb 8: Pre wedding celebration

Feb 9: Dinner at Bride’s Parents

Feb 10: Sangeet

Feb 11: Menhendi Lunch

Feb 12: Choora Ceremony

              Reception of the Barat

The first wedding event we attended was called the Bhajan.  It was being held at the Tuli Farm.  My first thought.  Cool a farm.  Well in India a “Farm” its somewhat like a summer home.  Or that house in the Hamptons.  In this case there were no beach but there was this massive lawn with a quaint two story house.  The Tuli’s were my friend’s soon to be in laws.  This was their summer home.  It was located about an hour a way from New Delhi, I remember falling asleep and waking up to amazement.  (still having thought we were actually going to a real farm).  Our driver, thank you the Gulati family for providing us our driver 24/7, brought us to Tuli farm.  We see hints of orange dandelions.  the more we walked into this farm the more orange dandelions we saw.  They made strands of dandelions and hung them everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE! It was like the sun exploded and threw out all its oranges and yellows on to this farm!  it was so bright and lively.  I was so impressed and in awe of all the work they put into this ceremony.



The Tree had Dandelion Bling


Dandelion Art


Dandelion for days


Low seating area for prayers and chants


Yep, Dandelion for days! and days and days!


Guest seating area


There was a station where we were greeting and a red dot with a grain of rice was placed on our forehead.

Let’s talk ceremony.  So i wasn’t really sure what was happening or going to happen.  But i thought it was like any typical religious ceremony where they send well wished for the bride and groom.  We all went up one at a time to the front and received prayer bracelets.  it was some thread with a few little bells hanging on them.  We weren’t suppose to removed them, they would just eventually all fall off.  After this portion they had all the single ladies (oh HEY!) go up and be greeted by the groom’s father.  this is where it gets good… he fed us some sweets, handed us a bag of fruit, and gave us rupees.  This was awesome.  only if all weddings started off like this! I think this was all for the prosperity of the bride or that since the groom found his bride they send us well wishes or if not at least we had fruit and money right?


Hindu Gods


Prayer bracelet being tied on, while a group on stage sang a melodic chant.


Why thank you for the wishes Papa Tuli.

This is my very Indian Princess friend. Prathna.  She’s so cute.  I told her can i see that dress you should twirl -she did.


The USFers below.  Missing one of the Hayes Healy Ladies Sharon!  She was there in spirit though.



Let’s talk food.  I don’t know what it was but we started with appetizers and ended up with the main entrees.  It was all buffet style.  The buffet just ended up going and going and going… there was food for days.  I don’t think i ever saw a tray that was ever half empty.  Most of the food i didn’t know but i ate it anyway.  It was mainly vegetarian so i wasn’t worried about it in the end they all tasted so good.


Yummy apps that were served with a sweet yogurt


Roti like apps with mint chutney


main entrees variation of curries


The endless buffet selection

My friend Prathna’s High school friends meeting her Crazy College friends.  Surprisingly there was no culture shock, lost in translation, or awkward silences.  these Ladies are awesome.



Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Tuli


Told you the dandelions were EVERYWHERE!

Yep, couldn’t do it in one post… more wedding posts to come.

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