A quick trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Trip: June 8, 2008

Hong Kong was on the books for us as a quick trip from Manila on our way back to San Francisco.  The kind people at Cathay Pacific extended our lay over for a few of days so we can explore Hong Kong for a small fee.  It was a good experience.  The food was wonderful, the city was so dense, the buildings were awesome.  We caught a bus shuttle that dropped us off directly to our hotel.  From there we unwound and then headed to find some food (of course).


Sign on the bus, reminded me so much of London. I forget HK was occupied by the Brits

We stayed at the Mariott in Hong Kong island.  It was semi-new and close to everything!  The most impressive thing about the room was their glass partitions that separated the room and the bathroom. With a flick of the switch the glass turned from clear to translucent.



We walked around our hotel and found some quick eats, i was amazed that the construction that was happening has scaffolding made out of BAMBOO!!! yes we are in Asia!  why not use something that grows abundant in the area and is structurally sound.  (i think)


Bamboo Scaffolding


My Parents carefully crossing the street

We were somewhat starving so we decided to duck into the small restaurant to hide from the rain and grab something quick.  The food was greasy which lead to the infamous bathroom hunt.



Double decked street cars we took everywhere!


I couldn’t help but photograph all these signs!

We reached the night market and found tons of food stalls and souvenir vendors!  it was really exciting except the part where my stomach was a bit queasy from the greasy food earlier.   Sucked because if i were going to get diarrhea i would have hope it was from a food stall not a restaurant.  My mom who apparently has a stomach of a champ didn’t get sick so wanted to grab dinner.  I scoped out a place only if they had a restroom close by.  We settled at the outdoor seating area.  The lady showed me the restroom and well my knees almost touched the door, the toilet was an american standard but there was no sink.  When you have to go you have to go i said to myself.  I found the closest hose to wash off and went on our way to the hotel.


Im still happy to be in HK


Me and my Dad both had stomach problems but yet we still eat on!


Had a lot of left overs! Just for midnight snacking at the comfort of the hotel room


My mom, sun burnt from our trip in Bangkok


Sorry my hands are shaky couldn’t get a good night shot of the HK skyline

Hong Kong was on my list mainly because of the giant buildings i wanted to see.  Below are the few of the giants i was excited to view.


The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

The HSBC bank building was built by British Architect Norman Foster and Engineered by ARUP.  it was my favorite.  Why?  it was so hulky.  Like nothing can tear this bad boy down.  the structure was clearly seen from the outside.


Hulky HSBC

The sexy building below is complete opposite.  The Bank of China Tower houses the headquarters to the Bank Of China.  Designed by IM PEI.  Yes the same guy that designed the glass pyramid in front of the Louve in Paris.  Apparently The building has been criticized by some practitioners of feng shui for its sharp edges and its negative symbolism by the numerous ‘X’ shapes in its original design.  Oh well.  I thought it was nice a sleek.  But Pei should have known better i suppose.


Bank of China Tower

These bad boys below is the Lippo Center.  Twin-tower skyscrapers.  One is 44 stories while there other is 48.  Designed by Architect Paul Rudolf from the US.  They dubbed the building the Koala tree.  because it seem like koalas are clutching a tree.  i don’t see it.  I call it the blotchy building.  or Transformers.



The day really consisted of sight seeing.  We tookk a tram up to a peak and took some photos of the city view.  it was a bit foggy/smoggy so it wasn’t entirely clear.  They had all these Beijing Olympic signs everywhere celebrating the Summer Olympics.


Green horse they set up to hype up the Beijing Olympics

We took the Peak tram up to Victoria peak!  and up we go!


My dad with his aviators older than i am and Tuktuk


the view from the peak!


some great spider fittings holding the glass in place


Mandatory Family Photo


Silly dad. On our way back to the hotel




Good bye HK you were wonderful

Next Up Macau!  Side trip from HK we took a super ferry to Macau.


On our way to Macau! With my Favorite Chrysanthemum tea

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